evaporative air conditioner for vehicles

Trucks, vans, tractors and motorhome

Unique With Pre-Cooled System.

Neil evaporative coolers maintain cool weather inside all types of vehicles using only water and battery power.

A powerful electric fan forces a refreshing air current inside the vehicle that is 10 degrees below the outside temperature on average.


Evaporative Air Conditioner

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The pleasure of traveling with a quality evaporator

Does not need electrical connection (110v - 220v)

It does not need the use of an electric generator

You don't need the engine running

Only use battery

Maintenance and Technical Support

Learn how to install a Neil evaporative cooler yourself, simply and quickly. Also if you have any questions, after installing the equipment, you can enter our new section where you will find manuals, video tutorials and much more material.

Evaporative Coolers Installed


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